Heat Up your Event

Florida may not turn frigid during the holidays, but it can definitely get chilly. At an outdoor party or event, a fire pit is bulky, only reaching so far and typical mushroom heaters only help so much. So this season, how do you enjoy the rare cool weather without fear of your guests catching a cold? iRent Everything has the answer: Oregon Lava Heaters have produced a live-flame outdoor heater that surpasses the competition in design, aesthetics, as well as heat output – the Lava Heat Italia.

For example, the energy-efficient, gas-powered heater is easily portable with wheels, and it is simple to operate with push-button ignition, various heat settings, and a propane level indicator. The Lava Heat Italia is also water and wind-resistant, thanks to a shatter-proof glass tube that encases the live flame. As an additional safety precaution, there is a metal screen surrounding the inner cylinder to prevent burns.

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, the Lava Heat Italia has a pyramid shape and open design. The heaters are entirely self-contained and sturdy, thanks to their build and frame. The heaters put out an incredible amount of warmth per hour at about 61,000 BTU, guaranteeing a cozy environment for your event. The standard 7 foot heaters provide 360 degrees of light and heat, covering more area than a typical heater and creating a more cheery, welcoming ambiance.

Thus, no matter what sort of event you are hosting, Lava Heat Italia are heaters that only add to your guests’ outdoor experience. Click the link below to book iRent Everything‘s Lava Heat Italia heaters for your event today!


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